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Freesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television joint venture between the BBC and ITV plc, serving the United Kingdom. Freesat offers a satellite alternative to the Freeview service on digital terrestrial television, with a similar selection of channels available without subscription for users purchasing a receiver. The service also makes use of the additional capacity available on digital satellite broadcasting to offer a selection of high-definition programming from the BBC, ITV plc, Channel 4, Channel 5, NHK and RT UK.


To watch Freesat you will need a satellite dish installed & a Freesat receiver to watch Freesat. At Aerial Sparks our installation services include Freesat Dish Installation, and we also as part of our Freesat Installation set up your system for you so that you can sit back and enjoy satellite TV cost free. When installing a Dish we will always attempt to install it in a discreet location, and when we run the cable, we always look for the least visible route. We do this because having cables running all over your property tends to look untidy.

If you already have a Dish and cable running into your property, then so long as they’re working you’ll only need to buy a Freesat box, plug it in and go. However, if you are wanting to use a receiver that records and can pause live TV, then you’ll need twin cable running in. At Aerial Sparks, we can run twin cable from an existing dish into your property.

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