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TV wall mounting

Aerial Sparks has the expertise to install a range of CCTV systems to your property or premises from small single camera setups to larger remotely monitored facilities. In recent years, prices have come down dramatically so it is possible to have an effective CCTV system installed.

Placing the TV on a piece of furniture is not very practical. You will need to find yourself a suitable table, home entertainment stand or object to place under the screen. This table will undoubtedly take up more space in your living area. Hanging your TV on the wall adds to your room’s décor. You can hide your TV’s wires to create an ultra-clean and stylish look for your room. Most mounts leave your TV between 1 and 3 inches from the wall. Mounting your TV on the wall is not done arbitrarily. There is an optimal viewing angle for maximising your viewing experience. The height chosen is meant to achieve an optimal viewing angle when watching the television. This is important to ensure you won’t develop neck or eye strain from watching at the wrong height.

Safe and Secure


Wall mounting TVs can reduce the risk of damage to the TV as it eliminates the TV being knocked over and is a popular choice for families with small children for this reason, as TVs got slimmer they also became lighter, becoming more easy to move or even, pulled or knocked over. Wall mounting reduces this risk making it a safer option of installation.


Security is also a big factor to wall mounting TVs. When a TV is typically located on its stand, it can be easily lifted and removed or even stolen. TV wall mounted TVs are harder to remove as they are usually secured to the TV wall bracket with additional security measures such as locking bolts and even padlocks (all hidden out of sit of course)

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